Sunday, 11 November 2012

We have a Melbourne Cup Winner!!

Congratulations to Green Moon!!!!
This was a hard one to pick! If anyone picked Green Moon to win please comment below. Because I doubt there were many people who even gave a thought to him. There was so much talk about Dunaden, Americain........
I'm a real Melbourne cup fan when it comes to fashion..... and speaking of fashion, did anyone notice Christie Whelan's stunning dress?? It was just so modest, stylish and graceful!! Wouldn't have looked any better in anything else really. She was just beautiful. I'll post a pic of her soon when I can find one. Anyway, my sisters and I had fun Melbourne cup day! We just put on our best from the wardrobe and I spent a bit of time doing fancy up-do's and they even got a little try on of my "precious makeup."
Had a great day Melbourne cup, hope you did.
Laura xx
PS I will also post pics of us all dressed up when I get the time.