Monday, 16 September 2013

Radiance Magazine

In a world that is ever changing, (and not in the right direction I'm afraid to say) it is becoming harder every year for us gals (and that goes for guys as well) to find some engaging material to read, or watch. Something that challenges us, inspires us and helps to keep our eyes focused on the real in this truly, unrealistic world!

 When it comes to love, fashion, beauty, body, health, and beliefs, we are being cunningly invited on a day to day basis to engage in publications that lead us very quickly away from who woman really is and what she's expected to focus on all the time.

What we truly need, is talented people who can provide this inspiration and entertainment, but with the right perspective.

What we need and what very few people realise we have is Radiance!

From a team of experts comes a new magazine, hot off the press! Available in print and online. With beautifully detailed photographs and graphics, interesting topics and real interviews with real women, this has to be my favourite magazine, the best I've ever come across.

 Take a peek at past issues here: and tell me what you thought!