Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to: London Bun

Ever wondered how to get that perfect London Bun that looks like it just came off the red carpet?
Here's how...

  • Take a small amount of hair gel and rub vigorously through your hands
  • Just take the tips of your fingers and run them through the front of your hair to the back stopping occasionally to rub gel through your hand again
  • As you do this, pull your hair into a high pony tail with a thin hair-band.
  • Now take small sections of this pony tail and back comb until your whole pony tail is one big frizzy mess!
  • A small squirt of hair spray before you can start gently brushing your pony tail till neat and smooth. Start from the top while holding the pony tail gently in your free hand. Your hair should have doubled in size.
  • Finally take this and wrap around itself, tucking the very end under your twist and securing with a few hair pins
  • Even out and fix shape if needed with the tip of a comb, few squirts of hair spray and hey presto!!

         You have yourself a fancy hair do for any occasion!!

Good luck and I hope you have fun trying this classic hair style.
    Laura xx


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