Saturday, 10 August 2013

Toxic Wasteland - My Makeup Decision.

Coming from near death when I was 6 years of age with cancer and learning what causes this terrible epidemic of our time, will never leave me. Once you have the knowledge, you can't hide from it, and in the long run, no matter how annoying those facts are in effecting your life, you're actually better off with the info. An informed person has a decision to make, at least they have that decision.

Cancer is no mere mystery, and neither are other diseases and weird conditions that people suddenly get these days. The big companies are rotten to the core. They don't care what they put in their products. People are nothing to them. And if those people like how their products perform, smell and cost, if that makes them money, then they would put anything in them for all they care!

Beauty products, household products and even food are tainted by toxicity.
After recently starting out on the makeup journey and delving deep into how to get flawless skin, the perfect lashes and the all important lip colour, I can't ignore that health and what I put on my skin everyday will have long term effects, and matters just as much, if not more than those other factors.

So I'm ditching the old Maybelline Fit Me foundation and I'm the look out for a better option. So far, I've come across a few Organic or natural makeup companies. I'm currently ordering some samples from "Vapour" but if any of you can direct me to a better place or share your experiences with me, that would be really great. I'm not just after harmless products, but those that perform well too.


Anna @ IHOD said...

Wow, you must have quite a story to tell! That's amazing. My aunt died of skin cancer so I am uber cautious about what I put or don't put on my skin.
Thanks for the tips!

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting Anna! Yes, I can give you the brief if you'd like. It's just amazing what people don't know about the big companies! You'll never believe it actually. It's still hard for me to fathom, just how evil, and I do use that term, they all are.