Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wedding Dress Game

We all know that the a girl's dream wedding dress is the main focus of the big day.....yes? no? Anyway.....that's another discussion......The point is that every woman has a different idea of what she thinks is more beautiful. Whether you go for traditional or modern, talking wedding dresses has to be the most enjoyable past time. So, lets play a little voting game. I'll put up several wedding dresses and from those very few, choose your favourite. The point is to choose YOUR favourite, but if you happen to choose MY favourite then you go to round two if there's more than one girl. Your 2nd favourite, chose mine and you're through to round 3. Last girl standing wins! No prizes available at the moment though. So....join in and have a little fun. The more the merrier!

Good Luck and have fun!