Friday, 5 October 2012

Fashion maturity

Sorry that I've not written in a while. I've been sick for a few weeks now but I'm finally back on my feet. I was just going through my wardrobe today when this thought came to me. I mean, I don't know about everybody else, but it took me a while to find out who I was in the fashion field and what I really did like and what I didn't. There have been so many past pieces that were great.......well in the shop anyway. After getting home and wearing a few times, I realised that what I thought was "great" was really just clothing. I hadn't found my style yet, and once I finally did, there was no doubt when it came to what you do and don't like. This problem can really cause problems when it comes to your pocket. You will waste so much money in the process, but every woman has to go through this maturing of what they do and don't like. There will always be those moments where you convince yourself that, that bright, floral dress adds colour to your face only to find that in a months time, you hate it! There's nothing worse, but it's all a part of growing up and finding your own style.


  • Always try on and never be tempted to just grab a bargain off a rack and buy, even if you think it would suit you.
  • Find out your body shape and don't compromise when it comes to something that looks frumpy on you for the sake of colour, style and fashion. You'll always find something else and that piece will only become that one that you don't really ever wear.
  • Identify what skin colour and tone you have. This will help you see what colours look good on you and see those that don't.
  • If you don't like the new fashion, don't follow it. Instead you can twist and change it to suit your likes and dislikes, or rather, just scrap it altogether! 
  •  Remember! Why look like everybody else when you can be the new fashion setter!
  • And finally, it's a good idea to cull any clothing you really don't wear often enough, at regular times. It will help you determine how much clothing you really have in your wardrobe and only give you better reasons to go buy more!