Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bourjois Paris

I was just frantically searching through a makeup specials stand today (as if the other women would just suddenly take everything!!) when my desperate hands landed on a little treasure (in my mind.) A Bourjois eyeshadow pot! I eventually found two and one blush pot also. One in a shimmer brown and the other in pearl white. They were both $4 and I fancied some silly trainee placed them in that box because they're usually $20!! I was searching for my Mum though so, she now has three new editions in her makeup bag. Bourjois started in 1863 which I just love to think about....... considering the 1860's are my favourite years in history concerning fashion. Hoop dresses! Can you just see the ladies using Bourjois in those hoop dresses!! Maybe you can't, but I just love that era!

One of the original pots.
Here is a little help on how to say Bourjois like a truly Parisian girl!
"Bour - jwah"
"Boor - jwah" "Bourjois"!!!