Friday, 19 July 2013

Race week

Grafton has been holding their race week this past week with the Grafton cup being the 100th.
The crowds almost doubled from last year and my hopes were high to join in on the hustle and bustle. But it was not to be........well sort of.

Last Sunday we went to the races, without going!

There are nice parks and lots of grass on the outskirts of the racecourse, so we just parked our car, alongside a few others (who were just as crazy and desperate as we were!) and waited for the races to start. Slept in between. Well Mum and I did. When they did start we chose a horse or two and listened to the race caller on the radio. It was surprisingly fun to see a pack of horses sweep past in half a second! Well....maybe not quite as fun as being there, but I managed to pick the winner on the last race and that really did make my race day, one of a kind.